Knight’s Fable Review

kinghts fable

Knight’s Fable Review

Knight’s Fable is a colourful game world where you are sent on an epic quest where you can pick up a class, fight countless enemies and upgrade equipment according to

Players are thrown into a world that is devastated by war and evil. The classes are gender locked which is unfortunate but this made up for by distinct and pleasant visuals.

Once you are in the game you will be given a brief introduction behind the game world. Once you are actually in the game though, you will find that the story is well written and offers enough contexts without making you feel overwhelmed with the folklore back story.

In Knight’s Fable the gameplay is highly quest driven and the level ups are not ever too far away. Also skill and equipment unlocks are given regularly so that you feel that your character is growing and that you are making game progress. The game also has a large range of in game events and challenges for you to accomplish and you will have plenty of things to do.

At the heart of the Knight’s Fable is skills and equipment due to the turn based nature of the gameplay. You will also eventually unlock additional heroes to join your party that will need their own equipment which gives the game more longevity.

Outside the core questing gameplay players are also able to engage in alliance wars, train a new hero whilst inheriting the stats of their current hero through the hero inheritance system, challenge the hell dungeons, complete jobs, go fishing, escort precious cargo and more.

It is these side events that make Knight’s Fable worth playing.

Overall Knight’s Fable Review

  • A well written adventure for those looking to follow a story
  • The unique class attributes and visuals bring them to life
  • Create and develop a party of heroes and pets
  • Plenty of activities and challenges to complete
  • Free to play and easy gameplay.