Pirates: Tides of Fortune


Pirates: Tides of Fortune is a popular MMO game that allows players to build their very own pirate kingdom, fight with other pirates and ultimately take over the high seas.

Pirates: Tides of Fortune depicts you as an aspiring pirate where you are led by veteran pirate lass who will start you on your way to a life of swindling and looting. As you play through the game you will be able to build up your self-sustaining island. This is done by assembling and upgrading gold mines, rum distilleries and lumber yards. You will also have the resources that are necessary in order to hire men and women to defend your island and to raid island close to you.

You will also need to fortify your defences, create trade relations with captains, research and make discoveries that will improve your islands technology and ships.

The Pirates: Tides of fortune game is a combination of strategy and world building. You have to earn research for your ships by collecting sketches. These sketches are awarded daily, but you will need to collect several of these in order to advance. These sketches can be traded so that you can get the ones you need.

The game has high quality graphics and fun sounds. If you want you can swop the pirate’s English speech for modern day English.

You are able to earn 200 free rubies when you sign up to the game with Plarium. These rubies will help you buy items that you need.